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  1. Exhibition; Tesselations and Repetitive structures in Jewellery to

    on Monday 21st May

    An exhibition of Jewellery made with 3D printing techniques and digital technologies. Wild, wonderful and sometimes vibrant responses to the brief of Tesselations and Repetitive structures. The work shown is ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  2. Designing the Mobile Wallet to

    on Tuesday 29th May

    Do you have a wallet in your pocket? Do you also have a mobile in your pocket? Isn't that really annoying? Don't worry, mobile network providers, device manufacturers and banking ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  3. Table Top: Open design - science engagement to

    on Tuesday 29th May

    The public are engaging with the process of manufacturing their own products through digital fabrication. When people have this much freedom to create their own objects, who has the responsibility ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  4. Smart Space to

    on Tuesday 29th May

    This talk will race through the way digital culture is revolutionising the way we design, build and think about architecture and our cities. It'll be rapid-fire and extensively visual, and ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  5. Table Top: Adaptive web design - Does size matter? to

    on Wednesday 30th May

    We'll be delving into adaptive web design, from responsive grids to designing for context and looking at the challenges that need to be overcome in adaptive web design. Questions answered ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  6. How do I influence you? to

    on Thursday 31st May

    We as humans are tuned in, or so we think. However certain effectors such as context and emotion can effect our decisions and judgement. This is especially prominent in a ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  7. How to be pixel perfect. to

    on Friday 1st June

    Pixels are the building blocks of all the visual design we do here at ustwo™, but are so often relegated to mere afterthought in the excitement of working with colours ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

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