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  1. Digital Identities to

    on Friday 25th May

    Keiichi Matsuda & James Alliban will talk about digital identities and will present C E L L and interactive interactive installation commissioned for Alpha-ville Festival 2011. This interactive installation plays ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  2. How European Startups are changing the face of Ecommerce to

    on Monday 28th May

    Can be a stand alone or panel. Would love to discuss how the rise of social discovery tools coupled with subscription models and personalization of ecommerce sites are changing how ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  3. Cirque de Mobile – a showcase of tomorrow's weird and wonderful mobile technology to

    on Tuesday 29th May

    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Ben Scott Robinson, one of inventors of the world’s first colour mobile site and Creative Director of We Love Mobile, Shoreditch’s full service creative mobile company, ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  4. Designing the Mobile Wallet to

    on Tuesday 29th May

    Do you have a wallet in your pocket? Do you also have a mobile in your pocket? Isn't that really annoying? Don't worry, mobile network providers, device manufacturers and banking ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  5. Inflight Mobile: Pushing your knowledge base and boundaries to achieve results to

    on Tuesday 29th May

    It's easy to stay in your comfort zone and follow tried and tested paths to success. Breaking out of your comfort zone can take you in new directions, but this ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  6. Using Social graphs to personalize user experience to

    on Tuesday 29th May

    use of social graphs - a network of relationships - to understand users better and tailor user experiences. Questions answered : How can you Use social data? How does big ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  7. Integrating digital tech into real world marketing experiences to

    on Friday 1st June

    Pervasive computing has been a 'thing' for a long time now, and since Minority Report we have all been obsessed and repelled by the potential of digital technology to step ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

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