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  1. Table Top: Artists find an innovative new way to make money thanks to CueSongs to

    on Wednesday 30th May

    Tammy Weis is one of many recording artists who have ‘joined the Cue’ (well CueSongs that is) It’s a new company that music innovator Peter Gabriel has co founded. CueSongs ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  2. Table Top: Personalised Music and Gaming to

    on Thursday 31st May

    Mobile computing has opened the doors for many new types of personalised interactive experiences. When experience designers know so much about what a user is doing at at time, they ...

    At Digital Shoreditch Big Top (map)

  3. Noise By Numbers - What's a tag? Are Joy Division atmospheric or depressing? What is witch house? Why is everything changing so to

    on Friday 1st June

    New terminologies and genres burst into the music scene every week. One minute you're listening to the next 'yacht bounce' sensation, the next you're surfing a wave of digi-bongo revival'. ...

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